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Dazed Mix Logic1000

Dazed Mix: Logic1000

The Australian producer blends ‘a fun mix of tunes that I’ve recently found alongside some older classics – well, classic to me’

For Logic1000, melody is her calling card. Although her productions are underpinned by rhythms that reference the canon of rave and electronic music, her synth lines shine brightly – hers are tracks made for peak-time play at headline sunrise sets. While her name might be one that’s still fairly under the radar, her club constructions, which move across garage, house, techno, and UK bass styles, can comfortably sit next to the likes of Four Tet, Caribou, and Bicep.

Originating from New South Wales and now based in Berlin, the DJ and producer (real name Samantha Poulter) recently embarked on the biggest collab of her life: a baby. She’s kicking off motherhood by giving her child a musical education in the form of Mazzy Star, Novelist, and Cocteau Twins albums, as well as a triple A pass to Field Day next year – a great start in life, TBH.

This year she’s coupled the task of creating a tiny human with releasing In The Sweetness of You, her most ambitious and varied record to date – a rallying cry to the dancefloor in the midst of chaos. Drawing on filter house, breaks, and more, the EP’s standout is the dreamy yet devilish “What You Like”, which features highly anticipated newcomer yunè pinku, and finds the producer on a pop songwriting flex.

Her Dazed mix is an adrenalised yet smooth blend of growling floor-fillers and percussive pumpers from MoMa Ready, Chloé Robinson (fka Barely Legal), and her baby daddy Big Ever. Dig in below and read our interview with her while you listen.

You’ve just released a new EP, how do you feel about it?

Logic1000: It’s always such a strange and surreal experience releasing music. On the one hand, I feel excited to have it out in the world, but on the other hand there are the obvious anxieties that come with releasing something you’ve created. I do feel quite proud of this release. It’s my favourite to date. 

What would you like people to take away from it?

Logic1000: I think I want people to get a sense of the different sides of my musical personality. There are quite a few different vibes in there and they’re all reflective of my taste. It’s a good slice of me! 

How did growing up in Sydney affect the music you make today? 

Logic1000: I don’t know if Sydney in particular had a remarkable impact on the music I make. I’d be more inclined to say that UK music has influenced me the most. But I guess inevitably my surroundings would have some kind of impact. If I had to say one thing about Sydney it is probably its nurturing nature that has been the biggest influence on my sound. The weather, the beauty. 

It obviously has a very dark side and history, though, that I want to acknowledge. But I think for a lot of people it is an easy place to be. I see and hear my music as quite bright and positive and I think the UK music I spoke of is quite dark and moody. The UK is a tough place, whereas Sydney and Australia in general can be so nurturing and positive, so that brightness had to come from somewhere!

How does living in Berlin influence your sound?

Logic1000: Again, I’m not sure if Berlin itself is influencing my sound in any direct way, but I am very relaxed and happy in this city which probably overrides the harsh winters, which could’ve potentially made me go down a darker route for my music.  

What’s your experience of the pandemic been like? Did you spend it focusing on music?

Logic1000: I’ve certainly spent a lot of days doing nothing but resting and staying safe indoors. Half the time I was pregnant so it was especially important for me to steer clear of the virus. I’ve also been quite productive musically, which I’m quite proud of, all things considered. It has been hard in a lot of ways, mostly financially and socially, but I am hopeful for next year and very much looking forward to playing live again. I hope this new strain doesn’t ruin everyone’s plans.

Tell us about your Dazed mix.

Logic1000: It’s a fun mix of tunes that I’ve recently found alongside some older classics – well, classic to me. It’s only 30 minutes but it covers a fair bit of ground. 

How were you feeling when making it?

Logic1000: Tired! Stressed! But generally, very happy and satisfied.


  1. DJ Slyngshot, “Stop Playin’ Part I”
  2. The Pump Girls, “Get On It (The Pump Boys Edit)”
  3. Revivis, “Fruition”
  4. MoMA Ready, “Keep It 100 (Original)”
  5. Polygonia, “The Desire for Power”
  6. Manakinz, “Snakehips”
  7. Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD, “Casper”
  8. J Wax, “Cloud City”
  9. Big Ever, “Zoner (Zoned Mix)”

Logic1000’s In The Sweetness Of You is out now via Therapy/Because Music