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Crazy Frog, ‘Tricky’ still
Via YouTube/Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog claps back at the haters after receiving death threats

Creators of the CGI amphibian refuse to drop plans for an official line of NFTs

16 years on from its viral debut, Crazy Frog is still the world’s most hated frog, it seems. Case in point: the admins behind Crazy Frog’s Twitter account have been receiving death threats over the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT) of the cartoon character’s music.

“While we appreciate all the valid criticism toward NFTs, sending us death threats and other nasty things to our email isn’t cool or productive,” the Crazy Frog Twitter account wrote in a December 13 tweet thread.

This was followed up by another tweet outlining that they are just the “social media guys”, not Crazy Frog’s creator, Erik Wernquist. "We’re just fans of Crazy Frog like you all,” they added.

“Everyone has a say in the brand matters, however the higher-ups have still decided to go forward with the project,” the thread continued. “Not all of us agree and we may sometimes express disapproval promoting it. We are allowed to do so and we have been only speaking from our own personal judgment.”

Last week, the CGI amphibian returned with a new single, “Tricky” – its first release in 12 years. The Eurodance remix of Run DMC’s “It‘s Tricky” has already amassed over two million views, with an NFT drop on its way on December 23 via the Metabeats network.

Nevertheless, people have criticised Crazy Frog for cashing in on the NFT bandwagon, with some claiming that NFTs present a false sense of ownership – namely, anyone can still listen to Crazy Frog for free on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify without spending a small fortune on the NFT.

Listen to “Tricky” below.