Britney Spears says she’s writing a book about a ghost stuck in limbo

The plot of the pop star’s novel-in-progress has prompted comparisons to her life under a conservatorship

First, Britney Spears tried her hand at painting. Now, the singer has revealed that she’s working on a book about a girl who was murdered and turned into a ghost, but crosses back to our world after three years trapped in limbo. In a recent Instagram post, the singer shares information about the book’s plot that has led fans to speculate about its links to her real life — specifically, her years-long conservatorship that, until last month, saw her father control her personal life, career, and finances.

“I’m writing a book about a girl who was murdered,” the pop star writes in the caption to the post, which shows a hand holding a pen, emerging from under a lake. “Yet her ghost gets stuck in limbo because of trauma and pain and she doesn’t know how to cross over to the world she use (sic) to know.”

Prompting the comparisons to her own life, she goes on: “After being stuck in limbo for three years, she is a ghost who thrives off of her reflection in her mirror for existence!!!!”

“She has no one she can trust but something happens and she figures out how to cross over to the world where her family is!!!!” Freed from limbo, however, the character has a decision to make: “Greet the same people who murdered her or create a whole new life!!!!” 

Leaving the synopsis on a cliffhanger (“Gimme More”, etc, etc.), Spears concludes: “What I will leave to the IMAGINATION is what she does when she crosses over... besides learning to write her name again!!!!⁣”

Britney Spears isn’t the only pop icon that looks set to make her fiction debut, however. In 2022, Dolly Parton’s first novel — a collaboration with bestselling US fiction writer James Patterson, titled Run, Rose, Run — is set to hit shelves. Telling the story of Rose, a young singer-songwriter “on the rise and on the run” in Nashville, the book will arrive alongside a new record of the same name.