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Modernaire Extraordinaire

The electro-tinged pop group from the UK take time out from touring with everyone from Dragonette to Metronomy to speak to Dazed...

Just recently doubled in size and musical manpower, electro pop band Modernaire are creating unashamedly catchy songs that unremorsefully linger long after you’ve heard them. So much so, you may just find yourself rhythmically singing “The NHS can’t kill my distress” in hushed tones at the supermarket queue or whistling their new single "Faites Vos Jeux" on the way to work.

Currently working on their debut album, the foursome consists of Cruella De Mill, Oscar Wildstyle, Chesty La Rue and Oliver Il Batterista; and when they’re not making perilous pop music they’re creating remixes for the likes of Who Made Who, MGMT and Metronomy.

Dazed Digital: What are the influences behind your music?
Modernaire: Anything... from a good pop tune on the radio to a ripping yarn about serial killers on the run.

DD: You've recruited two more members to the band, how did this come about?
Modernaire: We seem to pick them up as we go along. Hopefully we'll be a full orchestra by 2039.
DD: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
Modernaire: Bjork, The Knife or Timbaland.
DD: Hailing from Manchester, what's the music scene like there at the moment? Are there any other Northern bands you're keeping an eye on?
Modernaire: It's quite a good scene, although we've played more gigs in Paris than Manchester this year! Some good bands coming out of Manchester at the moment are Dutch Uncles, May 68 and Young British Artists.

DD: Have you had any 'rock n` roll' moments to date?
Modernaire: In terms of printable ones, I'm afraid the best I can do is drinking a bottle of champagne the Ting Tings gave us in the bath.

DD: What's next for you?
Modernaire: Recording our sprawling masterpiece of a debut album complete with string sections, choirs and hopefully a couple of cannons.