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BLACKPINK’s Lisa makes debut solo TV performance

The singer showcased her first solo project on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has made her solo TV debut after performing her latest single on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Lisa sang the title track from her recent eponymous debut single album, Lalisa, wearing a sparkly top and flanked by backup dancers in diamond-studded facemasks. It was the first time the artist had performed the song for television.

Ahead of releasing the single album – featuring just two tracks: “Lalisa” and “Money” – the singer told Billboard: “It’s a good opportunity for me to finally let the world know, ‘This is who I am’”.

The K-pop star – who is the third member of K-pop outfit BLACKPINK to release a solo project following Jennie and Rosé – said she wanted to stay true to her roots with “Lalisa”, saying that she pushed to include Thai elements in the song. “‘I was talking to (producer) Teddy Park and wanted to put a Thai vibe in my song, and he came up with an arrangement that had the perfect Thai mood. I loved it”.

“I put on a Thai traditional costume – I wanted to do that in the music video. I told the director and the end result is marvellous. We incorporated a bit of traditional Thai dance in the choreography, you won’t be disappointed.”

She added: “People might not understand what the lyrics are, but listening to the beat and seeing the dance, they can feel the vibe and have that connection.”

Watch Lisa’s live performance below.