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Nightclub London
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Vaccine passports will be required for entry into nightclubs in England

The move comes into effect at the end of this month

The UK government has confirmed it is pushing ahead with its plans for people to be double jabbed in order to gain entry to nightclubs and other crowded indoor venues. The requirement is meant to come into effect at the end of September, and will use the existing NHS app, which allows users to generate their passports proving vaccination.

The scheme was first announced in July, but there had been speculation that it would be dropped following backlash from industry leaders, as well as some MPs. A spokesperson for Boris Johnson said yesterday (September 1) that the new government ruling was not going to fall through as previously thought, and will definitely go ahead this month after deliberation.

“We set out broadly our intention to require vaccination for nightclubs and some other settings,” the PM’s spokesperson said. “We will be coming forward in the coming weeks with detail for that.”

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has criticised the move, saying it is “disappointing as it will cripple the industry.”

“Surely the government can see this is not workable,” NTIA CEO Michael Kill said in a statement. “The challenges are endless, and the sector will be hit extremely hard by this decision, embroiled in discrimination cases, staffing and supply chain shortages, tourism and so on.

“We are trying to rebuild! The government’s attempt to differentiate between businesses within our sector is extremely difficult, even for people who live and breathe this industry. Whether it be market segmentation or capacity limits, it’s not a workable position, there are too many variables and the businesses are too diverse, it cannot be easily categorised.”

He added: “The government needs to listen to real operators who can give them real feedback on these challenges, these policy decisions will have a catastrophic impact on people’s livelihoods and careers.”

Some people, for example those with allergies, pre-existing medical conditions, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding, are currently unable to be vaccinated.

The news has also come with continued opposition from MPs. Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said his party would oppose the scheme, while Labour previously called it “costly, open to fraud and... impractical”.

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