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Lorde 73 Questions with Vogue
via YouTube @Vogue

A Lorde and Harry Styles collab could be on the cards

The musician shared her dream collaboration, most starstruck celebrity encounter, fav song to cry to, and more on Vogue’s ‘73 Questions’

It’s been a busy month for Lorde, who reappeared into the public eye after a three-year hiatus to promote her third studio album, Solar Power, arriving on August 20. Since her return, the musician has provided us with a lot of entertainment – from getting so drunk day-drinking with Seth Meyers that she needed an IV drip to performing “Solar Power” on a dreamy NYC rooftop, and many new email newsletters in between. 

Now, the New Zealand singer has teased a collab with Harry Styles while appearing on Vogue’s “73 Questions” series.

Wandering around New York Botanical Garden, Lorde answered, “I kinda want to talk to Harry Styles,” when asked which artist she’s “dying to collaborate with”. No official projects seem to be in the works so far between the artists, but here’s to hoping it can be spoken into existence! 

The musician also shared that she was most starstruck when she met Taylor Swift, her favourite concert was Arcade Fire, and the first song she ever cried to is “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed. 

As for Solar Power, Lorde explained that “California” is the track she’s most excited to dance to. She also said that she would describe the album as “reverence” compared to Pure Heroine, which she described as “teen angst” and Melodrama as “ecstasy”. 

Otherwise, she explained why she isn’t making CDs for Solar Power, stating: “Everything that I make physically, I want it to be something that I have in my house and I don’t have any CDs at my house.” Instead, Lorde is releasing a range of eco-conscious merch, including a collectible music box item.

Last week, the singer released her second single from the album, titled “Stoned at the Nail Salon” – an emotional ballad featuring background vocals from Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo, Marlon Williams, and James Milne. 

Watch Lorde’s “73 Questions” episode below.