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Koreless "White Picket Fence"
Via YouTube/Koreless

FKA twigs directs Koreless’s video, her debut for another artist

Shot in the English countryside, ‘White Picket Fence’ sees the Welsh artist fishing on a Lambo while surrounded by feral ravers

FKA twigs has directed the visual for Koreless’s “White Picket Fence” from his Agor album, her directorial debut for another musical artist. The pair, who are label mates on Young, have worked together previously, with the Welsh artist producing on twigs’s 2019 album Magdalene.

While twigs has directed many of her own videos, including “Don’t Judge Me” and “Holy Terrain”, this marks the first time she has done so for another artist. Shot in the English countryside, the video sees Koreless turning up to a fishing trip in a green sports car, surrounded by feral, gothic dancers.

Speaking to Dazed about the album, Koreless explained how the collaboration came about: “I texted her being like, ‘Do you just want to make this?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah fuck it, I’ll do it!’ She sent me this picture, a meme of a dude sitting on top of a Lamborghini. And she went, ‘This is you, and this is your album’. Her idea was that it’d look like a Greek myth. It was a really ridiculous thing that would probably never have happened without her.”

He went on to discuss how much he’d learned from twigs. “Her way of approaching sound and working with people is really interesting,” he said. “She’s very good at a lot of stuff. She has the most amazing sound memory, where she can remember a sound that happened for like three seconds, four months ago, and is hidden on a hard drive somewhere, and she goes, ‘What about that little sound that sounded like this?’ And I'm like, ‘What...?’”

Posting on Instagram, twigs wrote: “Lewis is not only a dear friend of mine but also one of my favourite collaborators. His sonic palette is equally as alien and otherworldly as it is grounded and in me it evokes feelings of being close to nature.”

“For Lewis’ video I wanted to create this in a visual,” she continued. “The mystery intertwined with a feeling of familiarity. The “White Picket Fence” visual is a modern day reenactment of a fable that doesn’t exist. Each character represents a sound in the music and the audience is a voyeur as the music is personified into a mystical happening.”

Watch the video below, and read about the five things that inspired Koreless’s debut album, Agor, here.