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BTS McDonald's meal
via Facebook (Penang My Hometown)

Used BTS McDonald’s packaging is already selling fast on Ebay

A chicken nugget box and two sauces are going for £270

The BTS x McDonald’s collab is here, and fans are going wild for the limited edition combo meal. So much so that sealed sauces and grease-stained boxes, bags, and soft drink cups are being upped to Ebay to make a tasty profit.

Two sauces are currently going for $35, while a used box which “had nuggets in for one minute” plus two sauces are on offer for AU$500.00 (around £270) – although no bids have been placed so far. There’s even a “collectible” McD’s receipt listed at $500.

On TikTok, fans can be seen frantically attempting to wash the grease off their BTS meal packaging to make them presentable for sale, while one fan has framed their brown bag and sauce sachet.

The purple-packaged meal features the K-pop group’s signature order of ten chicken nuggets, fries, Coke, and sweet chili and cajun dipping sauces inspired by recipes from South Korea’s McDonald’s. It launched in America last week, and will be available in 50 countries worldwide (but – sadly for fans this side of the pond – won’t be coming to the UK).

Known for using their collective power for good, the BTS Army in Malaysia recently donated over 200 sets of the fast food meal to frontline workers to help with the Covid-19 effort.

Continuing their string of ”Butter”-themed releases, BTS just shared two new remixes, with the group’s “Sweeter” and “Cooler” versions following their “Hotter” rework from last week.