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David Bowie
David BowiePhotography Roger Bamber

New compilation of unreleased and rare David Bowie tunes announced

The Width of a Circle includes early recordings and collaborations dating back to Bowie’s pre-Ziggy Stardust days

The release of a new collection of David Bowie rarities has been announced. The Width of a Circle promises to feature non-album singles, alternate versions, new remixes, and sessions from BBC In Concert

The upcoming compilation will include an early cover of Velvet Underground’s “Waiting For The Man” alongside a selection of recordings from Bowie’s performance with producer Tony Visconti in a trio known as The Hype, recorded with John Peel in 1970. 

The Width of a Circle will also feature Bowie’s score for the BBC drama, The Looking Glass Murders (otherwise know as Pierrot in Turquoise). This bizarre television programme, created with mime artist Lindsay Kemp, aired in 1970 and allows listeners a fascinating perspective on the early stages of Bowie’s artistic evolution. 

“Even before meeting, David and I had felt the need to work together. I’d identified myself with his songs, and he’d seen my performances and identified himself with my songs,” Kemp later recalled, speaking about this embryonic collaboration with the future Starman. “I was singing the songs of my life with my body; he was singing the songs of his life very fabulously with his voice, and we reckoned that by putting the two together the audience couldn’t help but be enthralled. In other words, one large gin is very nice, but two large gins are even nicer.”

Above, visit the gallery above for a look through Mick Rock’s stunning photographs of Bowie in the early 1970s. 

The Width of a Circle is released on May 28 and available for pre-order here