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Grimes is auctioning off 10 pieces of original crypto art

The NFT art from the ‘WarNymph Collection Vol.1’ has already brought in over $5.8 million

After putting a piece of her actual soul up for sale last year, Grimes’s latest offerings up for bid are on the tamer side, although potentially more visually interesting to look at for the buyer.

Starting yesterday for 48 hours, the musician has been auctioning off exclusive pieces of crypto art. The collection, entitled WarNymph Collection Vol. 1, comprises 10 pieces of digital artwork created in collaboration with her brother Mac Boucher and features Grimes’s digital avatar version of herself, the winged-baby WarNymph. Presented in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), several of the pieces are also accompanied by exclusive music created by Grimes including songs “Mars Theme,” “Ærythe,” and “Anhedonia.”

The collection, which is up for auction via Nifty Gateway, has already brought in over $5.8 million. The last remaining piece for sale, an animated artwork titled “Death of the Old,” currently holds a high bid of $200,000 with over seven hours left in the auction. A percentage of the proceeds from the WarNymph NFT sales will be donated to Carbon180, an NGO dedicated to reducing carbon emissions.

“With the WarNymph project, Grimes explores the fluidity of identity in the virtual age: the ability to create, augment, and splinter ourselves into unlimited avatars, create boundless worlds, and build rich, complex lore,” Nifty Gateway writes of the collection. 

In other Grimes news, the recent mother of little X Æ A-XII has made plans to get matching brain chips with Lil Uzi Vert, courtesy of the neurotechnology company founded by Grimes’ boyfriend Elon Musk. “It’s experimental surgery but if it succeeds we’ll have the knowledge of the Gods haha,” Grimes said of the scheme.