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Grimes, HANA, ‘We Appreciate Power’
via Instagram/@grimes

Grimes offers a glimpse at unreleased Miss Anthropocene visuals

As the record turned one year old, the musician shared ‘We Appreciate Power’ imagery and discussed filming videos while pregnant

On Sunday (February 21) Grimes’ dystopian fifth studio album, Miss Anthropocene, turned one year old. Celebrating the anniversary on Instagram, the musician posted an image of herself beside frequent collaborator HANA, who appears on the hard-hitting first single from the record, “We Appreciate Power”.

“We Appreciate Power” was originally released alongside a lyric video starring the pair, but the picture reignited questions about a long-awaited official video for the track. Now, replying to comments on the Instagram post, Grimes has revealed that it is in fact a snapshot from a video recorded for the song.

However, she also suggests that we won’t get to see the full thing any time soon, writing: “The issue is I’m basically almost finished (with the) next album so we’ll just drop it way at the end cuz it feels insane to promote Miss Anthropocene stuff when we’re about to do new stuff.” 

Grimes revealed that she’s currently finishing vocals and mixes for a new record back in January, during a fan Q&A to mark the release of her AI lullaby.

Elsewhere, Grimes suggests that the “We Appreciate Power” video could be released on the second anniversary of Miss Anthropocene, and may come bundled with other visuals that tie in with the narrative of the record. Discussing the video for “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth”, she adds: “It just... isn’t amazing. I was like a month pregnant and so sick and having weird mental problems lol. So I could only lie down. The performance just isn’t great and my execution is generally weak I just was in a weakened state.” 

“I’ll prob release all the Miss A videos together as a unit/short film after the next album is done! There’s a whole kind of story and stuff, I just wanna work on it more and make up for the issues and add more cool post and whatnot.”

Late last year, Grimes also released a remix album titled Miss Anthropocene Rave Edition, featuring BloodPop, Richie Hawtin, Modeselektor, Channel Tres, and more.

Revisit the lyric video for “We Appreciate Power” below.