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Rebecca Black, ‘Friday (Remix)’
via YouTube/rebecca

Rebecca Black shares a chaotic video for her new ‘Friday’ remix

Catch Dorian Electra, Big Freedia, and 3OH!3 partyin’ (partyin’ yeah) in visuals directed by Weston Allen

At midnight on February 10, Rebecca Black released an iconic, star-studded remix of “Friday”, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the viral song. Now, she’s dropped new visuals to go along with the reworked version of the track. The “Friday (Remix)” video features appearances from the song’s full line-up of featured artists, including Big Freedia and 3OH!3. Dorian Electra, meanwhile, is locked in a high-speed street race with Black’s convertible (just one of many throwbacks to the much-maligned original from 2011). 

In characteristically chaotic fashion, the video is directed by Weston Allen, whose previous videos include Dorian Electra’s “Flamboyant” and 100 gecsFall Out Boy-featuring “hand crushed by a mallet (Remix)”. Dylan Brady, of 100 gecs, is also to thank for the “Friday” remix’s amped-up, hyperpop-infused production.

“We really just allowed ourselves to push it as crazy as we could,” Black told USA Today of the new version of the track. “That’s the fun in this video and in the original, honestly. It’s just the innate naivete and really pure insanity. We just tried to capture that essence in a way that was more intentional rather than accidental.”

“I have really done a lot of work to find my voice as an artist, and find what I have to say now that I’m 23 and not 13. This whole project really allowed me to just kind of take those reins back in a way that I hadn’t and to just have fun with it, honestly.”

Black previously spoke about the negative critical reception to the original version of “Friday”, and the subsequent wave of online abuse, in an interview with Dazed. “All of a sudden it kind of blew up, and I had to go with it,” she said. “Of course being that I was so young, it was hard – I can’t lie and say it was easy.” 

“But the thing is, my dream has always been to perform, and do music, and be on stage, so I just had to see it as a glitch in the road and I had to, one way or another, get through it, because I wouldn’t let that stop me from being where I wanted to be.”

Watch the video for Rebecca Black’s “Friday (Remix)” below.