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SZA wants you to call her hotline when you need a good cry
SZAvia Instagram (@sza)

SZA wants you to call her hotline when you need a good cry

*rings immediately*

SZA may well be the OG source of your crying – with her emotionally attuned lyrics and soothing, melancholy melodies – so it makes sense that the ‘Good Days’ singer is now inviting you to ‘cry n laugh’ with her through her new hotline, 888-808-0CRY. 

Taking to Instagram to reveal the news, SZA posted a self-directed 80s-style infomercial video, which sees people crying down a telephone while lying fully clothed in a bathtub (vibes), sobbing in a darkened room on top of a pile of clothes (again, vibes), and weeping next to an open fridge (big, BIG vibes). Alongside the clip, the singer wrote: “Uhhh random I made a hotline to cry n laugh n talk w chall 2 days outta the week." 

With custom meditations and other resources available, it seems people have been eager to let out their ~feels~ to the singer, with over 60,000 people and counting already calling the service. Having been up only a day, SZA took to Twitter to say she is making a few changes to the hotline, due to crashing, and will be adding an extended meditation audio. 

For the superfans out there, if you call the number today (Friday, January 22), you’ll be able to talk to the star yourself. Which, again, might inadvertently cause more crying. 

So, if your plants are dying, you’ve had pasta for dinner for the 12,890th night in a row, or your neighbours are playing drum and bass music so loudly every night it feels like there’s a mini rave happening in your earlobe don’t worry, just give SZA a bell and let it allll out. You’re welcome.