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Cardi B
Via Instagram @cardibtruthteller

Cardi B is predicting her fans’ 2021 fortunes on Instagram

The rapper will tell the future via her newly-launched account, @cardibtruthteller

If you thought 2020 was rough, and can’t imagine what lies ahead for 2021, Cardi B is here to tell you. From December 26 to New Year’s Eve, the rapper will be reading her fans’ fortunes, offering them “inspirational 2021 readings”.

Cardi will be predicting the future via her newly-launched Instagram account, @cardibtruthteller. The self-proclaimed ‘Supreme Truth Teller’ announced the news with a series of photos that make up one bigger image of the rapper in a diamond head and shoulder piece.

The account’s bio reads: “2020 has been rough baby. Let’s get that astral plane looking tight. DM me for an inspirational 2021 reading.”

The rapper also confirmed the news on Twitter, responding to a fan who tweeted a diamond-clad photo of her with a crystal ball and asked: “What is this bardi?” Cardi responded: “I’m telling the future...not the surprises tho.”

She also made her first prediction, telling a fan who asked when they’re “finally going to get some dick”: “New Years. At the crack of dawn.”

Head to Cardi’s fortune teller account here, and await your prediction, starting December 26.