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Punk pop duo Thigh High power a fembot uprising in this new video

The punk pop band's new project explores female and femme labour in their new single 'Roxxxy Companion'

London queer punk pop glam rock band Thigh High have just dropped their third video and single, just in time for Christmas. Off the back of their debut – “Nanna's on a Rampage”, about two grandmas who go on a chaos-spree – and their second single “Go Slow” – about that moment when the batteries in your vibrator die – “Roxxxy Companion” is a synth-infused rock banger about a fembot uprising. Move over Ariana

The story is kind of wild, Thigh High lead singers Hatty Carman and Tom Rasmussen. "Our third single is all about female and femme labour – using this robot, Roxxxy Companion, as a way to destroy the world of men… lol,” they explain via email. “In general, our music is about characters, unexpected queer icons who create mini revolutions wherever they go, but this is the only one from the upcoming album where our protagonists actually achieve utopia. The song is entirely queer in its writing, recording and producing – produced by queer icon Margo Broom in London.”

In the video the pair wear lewks by queer designer William Dill-Russell. The year, according to Thigh High, is 2046 and they’ve just stumbled upon an early 2000s PC in a forest. “The computer contains a video game in which a fembot uprising is the goal." The leader of this world is Roxxxy, a robot who has had enough. And so Thigh High play the game – and win, of course.

Directed by Isolde Penwarden, this video is the third in Thigh High’s recent triptych – with each video zooming into different pockets of the queer experience. Their debut album is set for release in the new year, but until then you can watch the video below, and stream the new track wherever you get your music.