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Billie Eilish fans freak out over her optical illusion trainers

What is real anymore

What did you spend the weekend doing? Reading a book? Or maybe you were in the group of people arguing over what colour a pair of Billie Eilish’s trainers were. Confused? 

After taking part in an Instagram Q&A, one fan asked the singer what her take was on ‘the dress’ – the controversial 2015 item that divided opinions over its seemingly changing colours. Eilish answered that she saw the dress as blue and gold (same, TBH) and that the optical illusion effect was something similar to a pair of shoes she owned, with her dad claiming they’re pink and white, rather than mint and white. 

The shoes in question, Nike Air More Uptempos, are officially mint and white (or, are they?) but real talk, as I'm writing and looking at the image, all I can see is pink and white and I’m not alone. “I’ve come to the conclusion that you guys just don't know your sneakers at all,” she said in response to people who were equally confused (or right, if you ask me) about the colour. “Something wrong with (their) vision.”

After Eilish revealed that new music is coming next month, maybe we’ll be seeing a return of the shoes in her lyrics... but, we hope not. 

Follow the entire saga below.