Cardi B says she’s not in the Illuminati, in case you were wondering

‘Stop with the Illuminati shit... I will never join nothing. I rather die broke. Money can’t buy my faith in God’

Cardi B is not, in fact, part of the Illuminati – so she says, anyway. Cardi recently posted a photo on Instagram that led to all sorts of fan speculations about her Illuminati ties in the comments, leading to the rapper issuing a rebuttal: “Stop with the Illuminati shit... DAMN!”

Last night (October 7), Cardi uploaded an image showing her dressed as the devil, wearing a red latex jumpsuit and a horned red hairband, with one eye closed. “Single, bad, and rich. I do the controlling,” she captioned the photo.

The allusions to “controlling”, the winking eye, and the Satanic imagery of the photo seemed to set people off – they’re all hallmarks of Illuminati conspiracy theories. Clearly enough people felt that this was Cardi covertly signalling that she was part of the Illuminati, the group that some conspiracy theorists believe secretly control the world and communicate their intentions via coded imagery, and have often been linked closely with hip hop.

Cardi responded by posting another photo of herself in an angel costume, writing: “Stop with the Illuminati shit ….It was just costumes for a TikTok video DAMN!” She followed up in the comments: “I will never join nothing. I rather die broke. Money can’t buy my faith in God.”

If you want to read anything deeper into this, it perhaps reflects the growing resurgence of Satanic Panic fears that have been popping up in tandem with the wider Qanon phenomenon around the world, which has filtered into wider culture (such as Marina Abramovich repeatedly being accused of Satanism for her artistic practises). Or it could just be a bunch of people messing with Cardi in some Instagram comments. Who knows?

Check out the photos above and below.