Kanye West samples Lauryn Hill in a snippet of new music

The preview of ‘Believe What I Say’ was shared in a video on Twitter by the rapper

Kanye West’s Twitter has been pretty chaotic as of late, seeing him enter a public dispute with his record label and share a video of someone urinating on a Grammy Award. Thankfully, however, the rapper’s most recent post projects a much more serene vibe, showing him on a picturesque boat trip.

More importantly, the post is also soundtracked by new music, in the form of a snippet of a song titled (at least provisionally): “Believe What I Say.”

Sampling Lauryn Hill’s classic Miseducation track “Doo Wop (That Thing)”, the preview is the first from Kanye since he teased sharing new music amid his public call for record labels to return artists’ masters.

Read Dazed’s conversation with a music industry lawyer for more insight into Kanye’s efforts to “change the music industry for good”, and listen to the preview of “Believe What I Say” below.