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Lady Gaga, Chromatica

Lady Gaga teases a short film for ‘911’

Confirming that the track will be the next single from the singer’s Chromatica album

Last month, at the 2020 VMAs, Lady Gaga performed “911” among a medley of tracks from her latest album, Chromatica. Now, though, the singer has confirmed in an interview that she recorded a full video for “911” back in August.

A subsequent tweet from Gaga appears to give a sneak peek at the visuals – described as a “short film” – and adds that the film will premiere September 18, at 9am PT (or 5pm in the UK).

In the interview with Billboard, the singer also discusses the meaning of the song, explaining that the lyrics refer to her antipsychotic medication (“Turnin’ up emotional faders”) and mental health. “I used to wake up every day and remember I was Lady Gaga – and then I would get depressed,” she adds, speaking about her mental health in the period following her tour for the 2016 album Joanne.

Despite being busy working on visuals post-Chromatica, Lady Gaga says that she hasn’t yet started making plans for the delayed Chromatica Ball, a stadium tour announced earlier this year. “I’m going to learn so much from now until the day somebody tells me you can effectively social distance at a stadium,” she explains. “When that day comes, I’m going to build a show that’s tailor-made with kindness.” 

“I’ve been through enough to tell you that even though we can’t go onstage now, I know we will. It’s painful, and it’s hard and scary, but I promise we won’t be six feet apart forever.”