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Britney Spears
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Britney Spears’ conservatorship has been extended until at least 2021

The decision follows her attorney’s request for her father to be removed from the conservatorship earlier this week

Britney Spears’ controversial conservatorship has been extended until at least February 1, 2021. A judge arrived at the decision in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday, as revealed in court documents obtained by Variety.

The hearing was attended by both of Spears’ parents, as well as four attorneys, but closed to the media. Concerned fans – who rally behind the #FreeBritney hashtag – did, however, stage a protest outside the courthouse.

The conservatorship has been in place since 2008, following the singer’s alleged breakdown in 2007, and grants her father, Jamie Spears, control over much of her career, estate, finances, and personal life. Currently, Jodi Montgomery is serving as her temporary conservator, since her father stepped down in 2019 due to health issues.

On Monday (August 17) Britney Spears’ lawyers also submitted a request for Jamie Spears to be removed as her sole conservator. In documents submitted to the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles, the singer stated that she is “strongly opposed” to having her father return, and petitioned for Montgomery to take over the role permanently. 

The document also opposes her father’s control over her estate, adding: “Britney… strongly prefers to have a qualified corporate fiduciary appointed to serve in this role.”

A petition by members of the #FreeBritney movement – dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” by Jamie Spears – additionally alleges: “Her father doesn’t allow her to drive, all of her calls and messages are monitored, she’s not allowed to vote, hang with anyone or spend her money without permission. And if she breaks a ‘rule’ he threatens to have her kids taken away.”

Spears hasn’t made a public comment on the movement.