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Fiona Apple
Fiona Apple, August 2015Photography Sachyn Mital, via

Fiona Apple narrates a video about documenting ICE arrests

The short animated film details how to hold the agency accountable

Fiona Apple has narrated a new animation about how you can document arrests carried out by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Premiered via Vulture, the two and a half-minute short film is produced in partnership with the We Have Rights campaign – which helps people defend their rights during encounters with ICE – as well as the organisations Brooklyn Defender Services, and Witness.

Among other tips, the film advises on how to stay safe when documenting an ICE arrest, and what to do with the footage if you manage to record it.

“I think this video is absolutely essential,” Apple tells Vulture. “When I was reading the script, I felt really lucky to be able to read it aloud and learn it. It’s such valuable information.”

“Everybody can help out. This is horrible shit that ICE is doing... I think so many people want to help and they don’t know how. They feel like they have no way of helping. But if you’ve got eyes, ears, a notepad, and a pencil, you can help. But you have to know the rules to be able to help.”

The Fetch the Bolt Cutters singer has also recently backed an initiative providing face coverings to Indigenous communities across the United States, benefiting those that have been most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the new film about documenting ICE arrests, narrated by Fiona Apple, below.