Cardi B says she’s partnering with OnlyFans

She says she’ll use the platform to address rumours about her

Yesterday, Cardi B said on Instagram that she had “an announcement” to make today. Fans speculated that she would either be announcing another album, or another pregnancy – we’ll have to wait until later to find out what that announcement is, but in the meantime, she has revealed that she will be partnering with OnlyFans.

Writing on Twitter today, Cardi said she’ll be using OnlyFans to address rumours that circulate about her. “Everytime some1 start a rumor I will be addressing it there,” she tweeted. “What else should I post besides rumors and behind the scenes? Maybe a video of me cleaning my home with my nails?”

When a fan asked “this the announcement?”, Cardi B explicitly replied with “no”, so consider this a separate thing altogether.

Cardi B’s debut album, Invasion of Privacy, came out in 2018, though she has said that she’s been working on a follow-up since.

Check out Cardi’s announcement-of-an-announcement above, and check out her OnlyFans tweets below.