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Radio Alhara broadcast
via Instagram/@nicolasjaar

Mykki Blanco, Nicolás Jaar, and more support Palestine in 80-hour broadcast

The show, on Palestine’s Radio Alhara, is protesting Israel’s planned annexation of the West Bank

Nicolás Jaar and Mykki Blanco are taking part in an almost 80-hour broadcast on Palestine’s Radio Alhara, to raise awareness of – and protest – Israel’s planned annexation of the West Bank. The artists have contributed mixes to the marathon show alongside others such as Ben UFO, Kampire, and Eclair Fifi

Local Palestinian artists, as well as the Radio Alhara founders Elias Anastas and Saeed Abu-Jaber, will also share mixes during the broadcast, which promises “a three day anti-colonial and anti-racist lineup from Palestine and elsewhere”.

The Israeli government, led by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, recently announced fresh plans to seize territory from Palestinians by claiming the West Bank, threatening to push Palestinians further into a state of occupation and military rule. The move has previously been declared a “flagrant violation of international law” and has recently seen opposition from countries including Germany, France, Egypt, and Jordan.

Radio Alhara’s broadcast is currently airing, having started at 8AM Bethlehem time on July 8, and will end on the afternoon of July 11. View the full schedule in Nicolás Jaar’s post below.

Read more about Israel’s proposed annexation of Palestinian territory, and how to support Palestinians in light of the plans, here.