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FKA twigs, We Are the Womxn
FKA twigs in We Are the WomxnPhotography Ivar Wigan

FKA twigs releases new short film We Are the Womxn

The film captures a trip to the Blue Flame strip club during a visit to Atlanta

FKA twigs has released a new short film, We Are the Womxn, which chronicles a trip to Atlanta to perform at Afropunk Festival in late 2019.

Directed by Ivar Wigan and produced in collaboration with WeTransfer’s WePresent platform, the film sees twigs join up with healer and spiritual leader Queen Afua in Atlanta to “host a moon dance in celebration of the sacred womxn”, a press release describes. Later, twigs heads to Blue Flame, Atlanta’s first Black strip club.

“I decided to hold the second part of the all-female and femme sacred moon dance at Blue Flame, firstly to honour the heritage of pole dancing, but also to create a matriarchal dominance in a space that’s usually filled with, and run by, male energy,” FKA twigs said in the press release.

She added: “I particularly bonded with one dancer at Blue Flame (named) Kharisma. She had such vibrant energy and at the beginning of the night she called the other girls on to the stage to be admired and supported in their expression. My experience at the Blue Flame solidified that, although historically womxn are often pitched against each other for their looks or their assets by the patriarchy, when left to our own devices we are incredibly nurturing and healing for each other.”

FKA twigs also took part in a head-to-head conversation with Queen Afua, which you can read on WePresent.

Watch We Are the Womxn below.