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 fake Nirvana song created using artificial intelligence
Via Wikimedia Commons

Listen to a fake Nirvana song created using artificial intelligence

YouTuber Funk Turkey generated the three-minute track, ‘Smother’, using characteristic tropes of the legendary band

A YouTuber has used artificial intelligence to create a fake Nirvana song. The final result is a three-minute track called “Smother”, which is… kind of a banger?

User Funk Turkey is behind the creation, which follows his other AI tracks in the style of AC/DC (cleverly renamed AI/DC), Red Hot Chili Peppers (AKA Red Bot Chili Peppers), and Nickelback (or: Nickelbot).

Discussing “Smother” in the track’s description, Funk Turkey explains that he used to “scrape the Genius Lyrics database” before writing the song’s actual lyrics using a Markov Chain. He added: “All music/vocals performed, mixed, and mastered by me, in my kitchen, on a sparkly red cheap Stratocaster, a crappy mic, and an old copy of ProTools.”

Referencing the fact that he programmed the drums, the YouTuber said: “I know Dave Grohl hates computer drums but it’s the best thing I got, so… sorry Dave. I still love you.”

The lyrics to “Smother” include lines like, “I could eat your heart-shaped box for food”, “In the pines where did you smother me”, and the ever-catchy “Hey, wait! I got a mosquito!” Listen to the track below.