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Robyn launches a new, quarantine-themed TikTok challenge

‘I know we’re all staying home and safe right now, but at least we’re doing it together’

Self-isolating due to coronavirus isn’t always easy. Even if you’re able to work from home, being isolated from friends and family can be tough (there’s a limit to the amount of Zoom calls one person can bear to take) and going out recreationally is completely off the cards.

On the plus side, though, many artists have been coming up with ideas to promote togetherness during lockdown, including Robyn, whose new TikTok challenge – #onmyown – has exactly that in mind.

“I know we’re all staying home and safe right now,” the pop icon says in a post announcing the challenge. “But at least we’re doing it together.”

“You’re not alone, and you can join me on the #onmyown hashtag. I wanna see what you’re getting up to.”

Appropriately, the challenge involves dancing – or basically doing whatever you want – to “Dancing On My Own”, Robyn’s low-key classic from 2010. Watch the singer’s own take on the bop in the TikToks below.