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Illustration Callum Abbott

Bandcamp will waive its revenue again next month

Musicians will receive 100 per cent of sales made on May Day

Bandcamp will waive its cut of sales once again next month, allowing artists to receive 100 per cent of the revenue on music sold through the platform in order to help them during the coronavirus pandemic.

On March 20, Bandcamp – the music platform that primarily centres DIY and independent artists – gave up their usual 20 per cent sales cut for 24 hours. This meant that all of the money made on that day would go directly to artists and labels, offering a potential lifeline to those who’ve taken a financial hit during the pandemic as touring has dried up.

The move was successful, with Bandcamp announcing that over $4.3 million was raised that day (15 times higher than their usual amount), and as users on Twitter have pointed out, Bandcamp is planning to do the same again on May 1 – appropriately, International Workers’ Day.

Although an official announcement has not yet been made, artists signed up to the platform have received a tip-off email about it, allowing them time to prepare for it. Last time, many artists and labels put out exclusive releases on the day in order to raise funds.

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