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The Aubreys
courtesy of Instagram/@theaubreysrphun

Listen to the debut EP from Finn Wolfhard’s band, The Aubreys

The Stranger Things star and his former Calpurnia bandmate Malcolm Craig released Soda and Pie yesterday

Back in November 2019, Finn Wolfhard – star of Stranger Things and winner of the 2017 Dazed 100 – announced the formation of a new band called The Aubreys. Now, the band have released their debut EP, Soda and Pie.

Soda and Pie, released yesterday (March 13), is the product of Wolfhard and former Calpurnia bandmate Malcolm Craig, who the actor has been playing alongside since they were 11 (Calpurnia being the band the pair are most known for, which split up late last year).

“This is the first time that we’ve collaborated on original songs together,” Wolfhard tells NME. “With Calpurnia, it’s not like Malcolm didn’t have a say, but there were just more people so it was harder to do, and we’d have to answer to each other.”

“Whereas with The Aubreys, all we were answering to was ourselves and one another.”

The EP is only three tracks long, but fair enough tbh; Wolfhard is also busy filming the fourth season of Stranger Things and stars in the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife. A debut album is also reportedly in the works, expected to arrive 2021.

Listen to Soda and Pie below.