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Lady Gaga - Stupid Love
Lady Gagavia

Lady Gaga’s new album, Chromatica, is out in April

#LG6 is landing soon

Lady Gaga has just released her new single, “Stupid Love”, but there’s already more reason to get excited – her next album is out in April.

#LG6’s official title will be Chromatica, and it’s out on April 10. A pre-order page is now online with placeholder artwork in place (the actual cover art will be revealed in future), and the album will be 16 tracks long.

Lady Gaga discussed the follow-up to 2016’s Joanne in an interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1. “The symbol for Chromatica has a sinewave in it, which is the mathematical symbol for sound, and it’s from what all sound is made from. And for me, sound is what healed me in my life, period, and it healed me again making this record, and that is really what Chromatica is all about… it’s about healing and it’s about bravery as well, and when we talk about love I think it’s so important to include the fact that it requires a ton of bravery to love someone.”

“I think what I’ve learned is that I can view the world in whatever way I choose to see it, and it doesn't mean that I’m deleting the bad things, it just means that I can reframe my life experiences and reframe also the way that the world frames life experiences to a way that I love and believe in. That is Chromatica. I live on Chromatica, that is where I live. I went into my frame – I found earth, I deleted it. Earth is cancelled. I live on Chromatica.”

Gaga added that BloodPop brought the name up to her, and they talked about its different meanings.

Listen to the interview below, and revisit our ranking of Lady Gaga’s albums so far.