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Elon Musk in the studio
via Twitter (@elonmusk)

Elon Musk drops EDM track ‘Don’t Doubt ur Vibe’ on Soundcloud

E “D” M is here

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, last night (January 31), when you were sleeping, tech billionaire and living meme Elon Musk dropped a new track on Soundcloud, entitled “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”. Perhaps inspired by the musical output of his partner Grimes – who loves a good EDM banger as much as anyone – or by the euphoria when those Tesla stocks escalate, Musk’s tune has so far gained a mixed response from listeners. 

Musk – newly reborn as his moniker E “D” M – took to Twitter to promote the song and to state that he both wrote and performed the lyrics, which mostly consist of the words ‘Don't doubt your vibe, because it’s you, it’s true’ (deep). To silence any doubters, he also shared a photo of himself in the studio accompanied by the caption “Vibbbe”.

It’s not the tech billionaire first foray into music: “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” is a followup to Musk’s first single “RIP Harambe”, which paid homage to the gorilla that was killed in Cicianit zoo and that was subsequently immortalised as a meme.  

“I know what I’m going to listen to on my flight to Mars,” one SC user commented. Skrillex collaborator Kill the Noise replied to the SpaceX and Tesla boss on Twitter, saying: “This is dope man”.

“I wanna make an energy efficient dubstep with @elonmusk,” said another tweeter.

“I become Tiesto at night,” Musk tweeted. A solid comparison.

While his opus currently only consists of two songs, something tells us this won’t be the last time Musk harnesses techy tunes to power up the club. Listen to the track via Musk’s Emo G Records (lol) on Soundcloud now. 

Mars 2024, but first, Tomorrowland 2020.