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courtesy of Instagram/@gorillaz

Gorillaz tease a new project, Song Machine

The Machine has been switched on (whatever that means)

Gorillaz are teasing a new project, titled Song Machine, through a variety of social media posts and a 22 second video titled: “Song Machine Theme Tune.” The posts and videos originally appeared earlier today (January 28).

On the animated band’s Instagram, there are six posts in total, one for each of the members – captioned “(insert band member’s name) has switched on the Machine” – and a video and image that both read: “Gorillaz present Song Machine.”

The video consists of the 22 second musical snippet, along with an animated synth turned on by a green hand that presumably belongs to the bassist, Murdoc.

Many of the posts link through to a playlist for “Song Machine, Season One”, which reads: “Subscribe now for the next episode (snooze you lose).”

Other than that, details about the project are relatively scarce, though the band is also rumoured to be debuting a new, slowthai- and Slaves-featuring track on BBC Radio 1 on Thursday (though this hasn’t yet been officially confirmed).

Watch the new teaser below.