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via Instagram (@lizzobeeating)

Lizzo reveals the contents of her tiny, tiny bag

‘Y’all wanna know what’s in my tiny bag bitch’

Lizzo is channelling her inner Mary Poppins, as the singer unpacks the contents of her tiny lilac Jacquemus bag in a new video.

“Y’all wanna know what’s in my tiny bag bitch?” Lizzo captioned the Instagram video, in which she wears a black and white bodysuit and a pink harness, pulling items out of her micro-Le Saq Chiquito. “Hey Lizzo, you got a pencil?” asks a friend off camera. “You know I got you,” the singer replies, seemingly pulling one out of the bag. 

Lizzo continues to bring out a TV remote, a can of pringles, a bottle of wine (“Where the hell is my wine at?”), a neon dress, and (of course) a wig, because you gotta be prepared.

The “Truth Hurts” singer debuted her transition into tiny bagdom back in November when she stepped out at the AMAs with a nanoscopic purse, reportedly stuffed with tampons, a flask of tequila, and condoms. She later uploaded a post to Instagram in which she explained it was actually “just big enough for my fucks to give”, naturally.

We can only anticipate what miniscule accessories she’ll be sporting at the Grammys later this month.