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Frank Ocean, Dazed
Photography Willy Vanderperre, Styling Robbie Spencer

Frank Ocean seems to be teasing a PrEP+ information booklet

The singer has previously raised awareness of the HIV drug through his PrEP+ clubnights

Since October 17 this year – the night of his first PrEP+ clubnight in New York – Frank Ocean has essentially been campaigning to raise awareness of the drug, which largely prevents the transmission of HIV.

Now, Ocean is teasing more materials that shine light on PrEP, with an Instagram story that shows him flicking through what seems to be an educational leaflet. Headings visible in the video include: “Paying for PrEP”, “Safe?”, and “Does it work?”.

On the outside, the PrEP+ booklet borrows its aesthetic from a lot of the visuals Ocean has been putting out recently, reminiscent of the clubnight promotions, but also the comic-like fonts used on a couple of recent songs.

In recent months, the singer has released a couple of tracks – “In My Room” and “DHL” – which might hint at a larger project on the way.

It’s not that clear how the PrEP+ booklet could be shared yet, but it definitely looks like something that could be handed out at a future event.