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Photography Roe Ethridge, Styling Robbie Spencer

Grimes and Lana Del Rey talk religion, technology, and ‘outrage culture’

For Interview, the two musicians have a freewheeling chat around Grimes’ forthcoming album and are joined by Elon Musk – albeit briefly

Lana Del Rey and Grimes sat down for a conversation for Interview Magazine.

“Grimes by Lana Del Rey” is ostensibly in promotion of the Canadian’s forthcoming album Miss_Anthropocene, due in February, but they use its myriad influences as jumping-off-points for a dialogue that whirls around a variety of future-facing topics.

Elon Musk is present at the start of the chat, but once he leaves, the two women get down to some real talk. “Religion is like the best science fiction”, Grimes offers, and provoked by questions from Del Rey she then expounds on medieval European churches, modern mysticism and her feeling of “extreme displacement”. 

The chat then shifts to technology, the psychological impact of interacting with millions of people, and the surreality of being in an intense media spotlight. Del Rey then shows her abilities as an interviewer by bringing it back around to music, and they discuss what they’ve learned in their years of writing and recording songs.

Grimes then gets grilled by Brit Marling, star and creator of Netflix’s now-cancelled The OA. You can read all of that here at Interview Magazine.