Kim Petras poses while the Westboro Baptist Church picket her show

The pop star has been trolling the anti-LGBTQ+ church for a few days now

It’s usually best not to give the Westboro Baptist Church any oxygen, but when the notoriously anti-LGBTQ+ group announced plans to picket Kim Petras’s show in Kansas City, Missouri yesterday (December 1), the pop star responded in a pretty entertaining way.

The church said they would protest Petras’s concert and “preach the gospel” on Twitter. Petras, who is trans, responded on Twitter: “My official statement on WBC picketing my show in Kansas tomorrow. This is the energy I’m bringing n it should be yours too.” Attached to the tweet? A Petras-themed “Hoes Mad” meme.

According to TMZ, someone from Petras’s team also took out a series of billboard advertisements near the Westboro Baptist Church headquarters in Topeka, Kansas. The electronic billboard included the words ‘Call Me Baby’ and Petras’s name and a phone number, a reference to her single “Got My Number”.

In the end, the church actually followed through with their plans to picket her concert – but when a very small number of church members actually appeared on the day, Petras posed for a photoshoot in front of them. As she posted on Instagram: “Update. Hoes still mad.”

Check out a video from Petras’s shoot below.