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Charli XCX
via Instagram (@charli_xcx)

Charli XCX calls out music industry sexism and not being taken seriously

‘If I was a man I’d be hailed as some sort of music industry god’

Charli XCX has called out the music industry for sexism on Twitter. The musician claims that she still doesn’t feel taken seriously by the industry, despite her many achievements as a musician, label owner, and business woman.

Charli tweeted: “i am an artist, a songwriter who’s co written multiple ‘hits’ for myself/other artists, a video director, exec producer of a netflix show, a&r, i run a label, co manage 2 artists…if I was a man I’d be hailed as some sort of music industry god but as a woman I’m just – doubted.”

She continued: “i don’t need people to feel sorry for me or anything – i’m just saying it how it is. women in this industry are constantly questioned on their validity…’did she REALLY write that?’ ‘can she REALLY produce?’ ‘does she REALLY know what she’s doing?’ i see it all the time.”

“(Any) and all female popstars in 2019 are obviously business women: running their own careers, making their own decisions, directing their own teams, proving points, being groundbreaking and making their own art. like, this is SO OBVIOUS. don’t insult us.”

Among those responding to Charli’s tweets was Christine and the Queens, whose message simply read: “AMEN”.

Last month, Charli dismissed claims that her fans have been using meet and greets to take advantage of her for “online clout” by getting her to sign increasingly odd items.

“These articles that have been popping up about my meet and greets suggesting that fans are taking advantage/being abusive/using me for ‘online clout’ because of certain items that have been brought along to meet and greets are just so ridiculous and pretentious,” she said in a series of Notes app screenshots on Twitter.

Watch the trailer for Charli’s Netflix documentary about her forming the girl band Nasty Cherry – a doc which she executive produced – below.