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Nasty Cherry

Watch Charli XCX form girl band Nasty Cherry in a new Netflix series

Charli airdropped the trailer to hardcore fans at her recent NYC Terminal 5 show

Charli XCX has released a trailer for a Netflix documentary chronicling her forming of the girl band Nasty Cherry

The band appeared seemingly out of the blue in January with an Instagram video of drummer Debbie pouring champagne into glasses balanced on the bare arse of the bassist Georgia. The caption to the video read: “Hi. We’re Nasty Cherry and we’re the best band of 2019.”

The next few months saw the release of four singles – they debuted with “Win” back in March and their most recent track “Music With Your Dad” came out last week – along with the revelation that they were brought together by pop iconoclast Charli XCX. Now the girl group feature in an upcoming Netflix docu-series following their journey so far.

“I wish when I was 14 there was a band like Nasty Cherry, unashamedly real and also badass,” Charli says in the trailer, which she shared with fans at her NYC Terminal 5 show on Monday via airdrop. “I wanted to share this secret with you guys, my most hardcore fans,” the note said. “I’ve been making and starring in a TV show about my favourite band (who I put together) – Nasty Cherry.”

She added: “The show is called I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry and it arrives on Netflix November 15th… See u on screen soon! Love you forever!!!!! Stream Queens!!!”

Watch the full trailer below: