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Grimes says she’s finished her fifth album

The artist told a fan on Instagram that it’s ‘way done’

Even though it’s been almost four years since her last studio record, Art Angels (2015), Grimes consistently finds herself in the media spotlight, whether that’s for releasing her own merch line, creating a new genre of music, or taking Elon Musk to the Met Gala. But the artist could be making a return to the full length format sooner rather thanafter claiming that her new LP is “way done”. 

Under a recent Grimes Instagram post, which seemingly had nothing to do with announcing new music, a fan commented: “AHHHHH WHATS THE DATE PLS TELL US”. The singer responded in earnest saying: “Album is way done but we don’t have priority at facilities to make the physical stuff, so basically just chillin while it gets made haha”.

The artist continued: “I’m on an Indie label so basically it takes 3 months to even just print vinyl.” But she reassured fans who have been patiently waiting for the release adding: “I have lots of stuff coming and some features w other ppl etc. It’ll be a good productive year”.

4AD, the label Grimes has called home since her 2012 LP Visions, is yet to announce an official release date. The artist has been teasing the record for a few years, but her insistence that it’s now “done”, along with her deciding on a title (Miss_Anthrop0cene) back in August, indicates that the wait could soon be over.