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‘Stormzy effect’: record number black students at Cambridge
Via Instagram @stormzy

The ‘Stormzy effect’: a record number of black students get into Cambridge

The rapper is getting credit for this year’s admissions rising by nearly 50 per cent

The highest-ranked British universities are notorious for their elitist and mystifying admissions procedures, often resulting in a bias towards white, rich applicants (and, just to preface the good news, there is definitely still a lot of work to be done) but Stormzy is being credited with beginning to tip the scales.

ICYMI, Stormzy – when he’s not earning UK number one singles or finding Britain’s next top author – set up a scholarship to send black students to Cambridge last year. This August, he announced that he would be paying the tuition fees and maintenance loans for two more.

Obviously, this is a huge benefit to those who might not be able to afford the study otherwise. However, it’s also had a ripple effect: the university “has seen an increase in the number of black students engage in its outreach activities and enquire about its courses” since the original offer, the Guardian reports.

This has led to an increase in applications and the admission of 91 black British first-year undergrads this year (up nearly 50 per cent from last year’s 61).

Obviously, this is a positive shift, though looking at the rest of the data is still pretty revealing. Those 91 students are just a fraction of the 3,378 students offered a place last year and the admissions from the UK’s “most educationally deprived areas” are 14 per cent.

Courtney Daniella, a YouTuber and Cambridge grad, has also received a mention when it comes to the raised numbers of black applicants, thanks to her videos aimed at making applying for/studying at the university more clear.