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Kim Gordon
via Instagram (@kimletgordon)

Kim Gordon was sent to ‘Disney jail’ for smoking weed at Disneyland

The Sonic Youth co-founder was on Tom Sawyer’s Island when the popo swarmed

When we thought Kim Gordon couldn’t get anymore punk rock than she already is, the Sonic Youth co-founder revealed that she was once put in ‘Disney jail’ for smoking weed at Disneyland as a teen in the 1970s.  The LA-based musician told the Guardian that she and a friend were in a cave on Tom Sawyer’s pirate-themed island, lighting up a spliff, when the Disney on-site security landed.

“They took us underground,” Gordon recounts, to a place where she saw “Mickey Mouse with a walkie-talkie”, and sat through creepy AF comments from the amusement park’s police, who asked: “Does your mother know you’re not wearing a bra?” The singer was then put in a holding cell overnight. As a student studying political science, Gordon recalls: “I was writing this paper in my head about Disneyland and how fascist it was. It confirmed my beliefs about American consumerism.”

It seems the 66-year-old has stayed true to her beliefs. Last month, Gordon released the track “Air Bnb” from her upcoming album, Home Record – a song that mocks the gig economy, complete with a promo image of the artist lying in a pristine showhome, clutching a cushion that says ‘hello gorgeous’. Never change, Kim.

Watch “Air Bnb” below.