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Jamz from Reading onstage with Dave
courtesy of Twitter/@BBCR1

Dave brings another young fan out to rap onstage at Reading

First Alex from Glasto, now Jamz from Reading

Dave is out there on the festival circuit like a one-man auditions show. First, there was Alex from Glasto (aka Alex Mann) who, since word-perfectly rapping Dave’s “Thiago Silva”, has released his own song and video. Now, there’s Jamz from Reading.

Continuing the tradition, Dave brought Jamz Mataz up for the AJ Tracey collab “Thiago Silva” during his Reading Festival set, calling out: “Get him over here, in the Fendi shirt.” And, like Alex before him, Jamz gave an impressive performance in front of the crowd.

Jamz shared the video he’s seen filming in the festival footage on Twitter, showing his disbelief from behind the camera. He’s also posted thanks for the support he’s received, along with the fact that he also went up onstage with DigDat, a South London drill rapper.

Debut Jamz track, coming soon?