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Billie Eilish
via Instagram (@billieeilish)

Billie Eilish wants her fans to speak out on gun control

The star took to Instagram to discuss the recent mass shootings across America

Billie Eilish has released an Instagram video condemning the recent mass shootings across America, urging her 35 million followers to take action by texting non profit organisation, Everyone For Gun Safety, which connects people to their local senators.

The 17-year-old artist said: “I’m making this video to talk about how scared and worried I am about… the fucking shootings going on, and how nobody in charge is doing anything to change anything at all.” She then goes on to inform viewers that, by texting ‘checks’ to 644-33, “you can connect to one of your US senators and ask them to take action on gun safety”.

Eilish is one of a long list of musicians speaking out against gun violence. Earlier this month, Lana Del Rey shared a new song in response to the Texas and Ohio shootings that left 31 people dead, while Rihanna took to Instagram to condemn President Donald Trump over his response to the two attacks.

According to statistics, there have been 264 mass shootings in America this year alone, with over 33,000 incidents and approximately 8,843 deaths. Despite these numbers, Trump has deemed the murders as “a mental illness problem”, not an issue with gun control.

On a more positive note, support for gun control is on the rise, with youth activist groups like Wear Orange reshaping people’s views on America’s problem with gun violence. There’s even been an increase in Republicans supporting an assault weapons ban

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