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ASAP Rocky freed from Swedish jail
courtesy of Instagram/@asaprocky

A$AP Rocky has been released from Swedish custody (for now)

The rapper and his co-accused await the verdict of their assault trial on August 14

After much petitioning and a #JusticeForRocky campaign supported by the public and celebrities alike – including, to no clear benefit, Donald Trump – A$AP Rocky has been freed by Swedish authorities. In fact, sources report that he’s already returned home, leaving Sweden hours after being released.

The reason Rocky was detained is probably familiar by now, but to briefly recap: the rapper and two of his crew were officially charged with assault by Swedish authorities on July 25, after being arrested at the beginning of the month and held in custody. In the meantime, Rocky released video footage that supported his claims of self defence and there were suggestions that he was being held in “inhumane conditions”.

The apparent injustice led to a petition calling for his release, which reached over 600,000 signatures, and the #JusticeForRocky campaign, which was supported by lots of big names. Some of these figures have now celebrated Rocky’s release, posting to social media or commenting on his own post, which reads: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my fans, friends and anyone across the globe who supported me during these last few weeks.”

Tyler, the Creator – who tweeted “no more sweden for me, ever” after the arrest – posted a screenshot of him chatting to Rocky with the caption: “RAKIM IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!”

None of the accused will have to return to Sweden to hear the result of the trial, but of course there’s still a worry that a sentence will be served. The case prosecutor, Daniel Suneson, suggested that Rocky should be jailed for about six months. However, his release after previously being labelled a “flight risk” does suggest a more positive outcome.