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When I Get Home visuals, Solange
When I Get Home visualsPhotography Max Hirschberger

Solange will debut a director’s cut of her When I Get Home film

The ‘new scenes and musical arrangements’ we definitely wanted

Back in early March, Solange premiered a film to accompany her fourth studio album, When I Get Home. Remember, the one with the cowboys and the glitzy headpiece and the DeLoreans? And if you enjoyed that musical and cinematic extravaganza – which ran over 30 minutes – then there’s some good news headed your way.

On July 17, Solange will debut a new, extended director’s cut of the When I Get Home film at the Museum of Fine Arts in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Apparently, the new cut – which will feature “new scenes and musical arrangements” – will stretch to 41 minutes.

Following the debut, the film will screen at museums worldwide through July and August, before ending back in Texas, at the Chinati Foundation’s Chinati Weekend, in October. Don’t worry if you don’t want to leave the house, though, because it will also be streaming online from August 5.

While you wait, relive the original When I Get Home visuals by browsing the most iconic looks involved, or learn more about the creative minds it took to pull it off.