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Lucinda Chua performing ‘Semitones’
Lucinda Chua performing ‘Semitones’

Watch cellist and FKA twigs collaborator Lucinda Chua’s ‘Semitones’ video

The visual for Chua’s spellbinding song was made to ‘show gratitude to our parents’ and ‘the sacrifices they have made for us’

Lucinda Chua is a singer, songwriter, composer, and cellist. She’s recorded with a who’s who of UK talent before, most notably playing in FKA twigs’ live band – in fact, you may have recently seen Chua in FKA twigs’ performance video for “Cellophane”, recorded live at London’s Wallace Collection – but earlier this year she released a solo EP, Antidotes 1, that introduced listeners to the divine sonic atmospheres that she creates.

“Semitones”, one of the tracks on Antidotes 1, lends itself to Chua’s latest video, halfway between a music video and a short film. It takes the form of a live performance video, at least at first. Chua, wearing Yang Li, plays the cello – until director Tash Tung pulls back, breaks away, and shows the inner workings of the studio itself. Watching Chua play is her father, who Tung then follows for the rest of the film.

“Tash and I made this film to show gratitude to our parents,” Chua explains of the film. “We are grateful for the sacrifices they have made for us. We felt the truest way to honour this was by being ourselves. My dad, Tash, and I each wear jade, a tradition in Chinese culture, as a symbol of many virtues and a reminder of our ancestors.”

“Thank you Tash Tung for making this film and being a constant reminder of how special our Asian heritage is, to Yang Li for clothing me, and to my dad for coming to watch me play,” she adds.

Watch the video below.