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Charli XCX releases a new song with BTS
courtesy of Instagram/@charli_xcx

Charli XCX and BTS release a new song, ‘Dream Glow’

A clean-cut, upbeat bop – what else?

Charli XCX is unapologetically buzzed about her new song with BTS. “OMG I made a song with @bts_twt and now its out and you can listen to it and ahhhhh i’m so excited!!” reads the announcement tweet (all caps).

And why wouldn’t you be excited to be putting out a song with the band consistently treading new ground for K-pop? Everything they touch seems to turn to gold and their fingerprints are all over the collab, a breezy pop track titled “Dream Glow”. The band’s “three Js” (Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook) each sing verses and were apparently involved in production pretty heavily too.

In fact, Charli XCX expands on working with BTS in a subsequent tweet. “This song was an idea that begun (sic) probably 4 or 5 years ago whilst I was in LA writing for my album and for other artists too,” she recalls.

“I had always loved this song but it never quite fit into my world in its original form.”

The singer then goes on to relate how she met up with BTS in Seoul in 2017 and they decided to collaborate, eventually working on the old demo. “They sat with it for a while and wrote their verses and changed parts of the song,” says Charli XCX.

“The song was originally about falling in love with someone in the club coz they had that ‘glow’ about them. But the guys flipped it to be about following your dreams and becoming empowered. I liked this a lot.”

Listen to the new track here.