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Listen to a 71-track mixtape from Frank Ocean collaborator Vegyn

Text While Driving If You Want To Meet God is a playlist of loops, samples, and sketches from the Blonde and Endless producer

Vegyn, the UK producer who worked with Frank Ocean on Endless and Blonde and co-hosts the Blonded show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station, has released a new mixtape – and it’s a whopping 71 tracks long.

Okay, so to be fair, those 71 tracks aren’t exactly what you’d call ‘songs’. They’re more like short loops, beats, and sketches that the producer has put together to reintroduce listeners to his world before the release of new music, which is set to land “imminently”, according to a press release.

Titled Text While Driving If You Want To Meet God, the mixtape is Vegyn’s first solo release since 2017’s Phone Phoneys ‎12”. Still, he’s not exactly been quiet since then – besides his work with Ocean, he has also been running the essential PLZ Make It Ruins label, putting out music by the likes of ARTHUR and Zoee (and whose stickers can be found on walls, lampposts, and club toilets all across London). Alongside the mixtape, Vegyn has also released new merch with PLZ.

Listen to Text While Driving If You Want To Meet God below.