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Nudie Host Little Dragon

Today, Swedish quartet Little Dragon will be performing in-store at Nudie's Stockholm concept store with an internet live stream to kick off their CCTV sessions.

In about four hours, Nudie Jeans will be launching their CCTV sessions, where a chosen band will perform in the Nudie Jeans concept store in Stockholm and will be livestreamed in high quality from their website as well as giving people the opportunity to host the stream on any site/blog.

The first session will commence with Little Dragon, the dancefloor soul quartet that were featured in the last issue of Dazed. We've embedded the stream here below and hopefully at BST 4pm, we will be treated to a ten to fifteen minute session from the band...

Earlier in the month, Nudie also played host to the conveniently named White Denim, who also played a mini gig at Liberty, London and we have some of the footage here.

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