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mental health
Illustration Elizabeth Henson

73 per cent of independent musicians experience mental illness, report says

A third have suffered panic attacks, according to a new survey

73 per cent of independent musicians have suffered from mental illness, according to Record Union.

The Swedish-based digital distribution company polled 1,500 artists in an online survey between March 21 and April 2. The study, titled The 73 Percent Report, found that fear of failure, financial instability, pressure to succeed and loneliness were some of the factors contributing to poor mental health.

A third of the people who responded claim they have experienced panic attacks, while three quarters report feelings of anxiety, negative pressure, negative stress, and depression as a result of their work. One 19 per cent of respondents said they belive the music industry is working to create a sustainable climate for artists’ health.

The study also found that the youngest musicians surveyed were the least likely to seek treatment, as well as the least likely to talk about their mental health.

Record Union committed to donating $30,000 to projects aiming to help mental illness among musicians. For more information, and to apply for funding, head to their website.